Here I am. This is me.

Evo sam.

22 August 1981
University of Calgary - Calgary AB CA (1999 - 2004)
Interests: (121)
80s movies, 80s music, abercrombie, adobe photoshop, alan parsons project, alexander mogilny, andy taylor, arena, astronaut, audioscrobbler, behind the music, big thing, billabong, boating, bruce springsteen, cale hulse, calgary flames, canada, catholic, cereal, chris isaak, ck, clinique, concerts, croatia, crowded house, d&g, degrassi high, depeche mode, digital art, driving in the rain, duran duran, faith, flashdance, french fries, gentle fawn, george michael, graphic design, hockey, i am canadian, i'll stand by you, ivan ljubicic, ivan mikulic, james blake, jennifer aniston, john donne, john taylor, jones soda, la isla bonita, lancome, laughing, lemonade, liberty, lindsay davenport, marcus nilson, mario ancic, martinis, marvin the martian, mazda 3, medazzaland, miroslav skoro, natural spring water, new romantic, new wave, nick rhodes, no doubt, notorious, parada, pat benatar, pet shop boys, photoshop, pop trash, pretty in pink, progressive rock, quotations, ralph lauren, raspberries, retro, rio, robby ginepri, roger taylor, rollerblading, roxy, sandi cenov, simon lebon, simple minds, sixteen candles, smiles, smiling, soccer, sporting events, steve perry, synth pop, synthpop, taylor dent, tennis, thank you, the apprentice, the breakfast club, the cars, the clash, the club, the cult, the cure, the fixx, the payola$, the police, the romantics, the smiths, the wedding album, the wedding singer, triple five soul, u2, umbro, urban style, versace, vesna pisarovic, vh1, vhs or beta, water sports, zabavne pjesme